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The Echo Show 5 is a slick, attractive, intelligent device. It's the perfect nightstand companion, especially with its physical camera shutter, and allows you to control all of your Alexa-compatible smart home devices from the comfort of your bed. And at $89 it's far less expensive than the larger 10-inch Echo Show, which tops out at $229.

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In terms of size and shape, the Echo Show 5 isn’t far off the size of the slightly smaller Lenovo Smart Clock, and you could happily place either device on your bedside table to use as a smart clock.

While the Amazon and smart home ecosystem are areas where the Echo Show shines, skills however vary wildly in terms of quality. 

PHOTO: Jacob Krol/CNN The Echo Show oito keeps an inherently similar design language to the Echo Show 5 and the larger Echo Show. Show 8 comes in two colors: charcoal or sandstone, which is a nice touch as it fits in with the Echo ecosystem. I’ve been testing a sandstone model that features a larger white bezel around the display, which transitions nicely into the sandstone soft outer shell.

The sound quality of the Echo Show was perceived as being superior to the standard Echo, but lower than other dedicated speakers at the same price point. The camera was also panned for being angled upwards (thus making it harder for shorter people to use), and for not handling backlighting well. In conclusion, it was felt that "from nearly any other company, adding a screen would have resulted in feature-itis of the worst kind. By holding back, the Echo Show feels like it does more. Its strength is in its simplicity."[11]

PHOTO: Jacob Krol/CNN Show 8 is much louder than Show 5 or an Echo Dot and is on par with the Echo Show. It still fills the room and my Apple Watch gives me a noise alert when rocking out to “S.Este.S.” by the Jonas Brothers at full volume. And while it doesn’t offer super Ultra HD music like the Echo Studio, you still get customization with the built-in equalizer. You can swipe it or even ask Alexa to make adjustments, like to lower the bass. I found with most songs that the bass was set high and resulted in reverb, but this is a software tweak or one you can adjust on the fly.

If seeing the score of another night's disastrous Mets game scrolling by doesn't exactly get you in the mood to take on the world each morning, you can personalize your home screen via the Show 5's onboard settings menu.

A great exclusive for the Echo Show is the ability to connect a number of different smart home cameras How to Set Up Security Cameras and Avoid Common Mistakes In this article, I'm going to explain five of the most common mistakes people make when setting up their security cameras.

The compact curso além da voz shape and size of the Echo Show 5 can definitely be a pro since it decreases the amount of space the device takes up on any given surface. However, the 5.5-inch display is only about as large as an average smartphone screen. This isn't a problem if you're only using the Echo Show 5 to vocally control smart home devices or listen to music.

Dan Baker/Digital Trends In most respects, performance between the 2017 and 2018 models is identical, particularly in terms of speed and what the Show can do. Both Shows can accomplish virtually everything that other Echo devices can, while also showing information on the screen. Both offer video from YouTube, Amazon Prime, and now even Hulu. They can also connect to the majority of other smart home devices and control them via voice commands.

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On top of the device, you’ll find three buttons and one slide. The mute, volume down and volume up sit center, while the right side has a slider to physically cover the front-facing 1-megapixel camera. Unlike the charcoal variants of the Echo Show 5 or 8, which have a white camera cover, Show oito in sandstone has a matching camera hider. It can make it tough to quickly glance and see if it is open. There are also four far-field microphones on the top.

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